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Our Team

Members of the KD+P team have a wide breadth of experience in themed attraction design and will use all of their skills and expertise to bring your unique experience design project to life.

Tom Kraemer

Principal 1994-present

Pat Kraemer

Office Manager 1994-present

Nick Young

Design Director 2003-present

Michael Damschroder

Director of Design Support, AIA, LEED AP 2008-present

Steve Jones

Project Designer 1997-present

John Apanites

Project Designer 2002-present

Cherl Smits

Project Designer 2006-present

Rachel Oedy

Project Designer 2023-present

Laura Sink

Project Designer 2023-present

Mike Meyer

Project Designer 2024-present

Bill Zimmerman

Graphic Designer 2002-present

Anna Rhoades

Graphic Designer 2015-present

Sarah Stevens

Graphic Designer 2024--present

Jackie Holthaus

Marketing Coordinator 2018-present

Our Clients

Children's Museum Indianapolis
Mississippi Children's Museum
Dickinson County Conservation board
Muncie Children's Museum
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