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Songbirds Guitar & Pop Culture Museum

Songbirds Foundation

Scope: Concept Design through Schematic Development

Timeframe: 3 months

KD+P worked with the Songbirds Foundation to design a Guitar Museum Experience. The plan was to use existing structures, but make the space more hands-on with interactives. The new museum offers numerous STEAM-based exhibits that teach visitors (of all ages) about the guitar and how it works. There are hands-on exhibits such as, Amplify, Pedal Power, Distortion, What is Sound?, and many more. There is also a Celebrity Guitar Room and several historical exhibits that spotlight Chattanooga’s vibrant music history, the career of The Impressions, and the cultural impact of the electric guitar. The museum also offers a custom-built stage to host live events and concerts. The 250-person venue offers a variety of seated and standing shows in an intimate setting surrounded by some of the world’s rarest guitars. The new Songbirds still displays tons of vintage and rare guitars, amps, and pedals, and the staff continues to offer Players Experiences where individuals can play these rare instruments. The space additionally functions as a rental facility for parties.

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