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Rocky's House: The Traveling Exhibit

Mississippi Children's Museum - Jackson

Scope: Complete Experience Design, Fabrication Oversight

Timeframe: 7 months

KD+P teamed up once again with the Mississippi Children’s Museum Jackson’s top line staff to create a state-of-the-art traveling exhibit! Rocky’s House, an extension of the Talk From the Start advocacy campaign, is designed to raise awareness that talking to and with children from birth is essential to literary success. The centerpiece of the Rocky’s House traveling exhibit is Rocky’s home, a place similar to our own homes. Visitors can read a book, ask questions, and put their own stories into motion through puppets. Step outside of Rocky’s home and into Rocky’s big backyard, filled with books small enough to read in your hands and large enough to literally step into their stories. The three featured books in Rocky’s big backyard are Play with Me, Talk with Me, and Read with Me. Each book is designed to foster the form of language and literacy development mentioned in its title. 

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