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Complete Museum

Children's Museum of Oswego

Scope: Complete Experience Design, Fabrication Oversight

Timeframe: 3 years

KD+P has been working with the Children’s Museum of Oswego for over five years. We worked with this start up from the beginning to find a permanent home for their new children’s museum. Once a facility was located and confirmed, KD+P worked with the museum staff and board to create a Master Plan for the experience. We have since proceeded through the design phases and worked with fabricators to produce all the exhibits and environments. KD+P provided Complete Design through Fabrication in this 6,900 sq. ft. space. Exhibit topics included aluminum processing and nuclear energy. There is also a “Cloud Climber” that extends down through an opening in the second floor, so that the children can climb down and end up being suspended over the water table on the first floor.

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